Bull City Fair Trade is governed by the leadership of a strong nonprofit board. The board meets monthly to guide the fair trade mission of the store.

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Becky Kyle, Chair

I grew up in Honduras and El Salvador while my parents were Peace Corps staff before landing outside Columbia, SC. My favorite country to visit is Mexico. Mexico has incredible cultural and ecological diversity, and there are so many more corners I want to visit! I love being a part of the Bull City Fair Trade community because it gives me a space to be a more intentional consumer. I love buying and promoting beautiful things I can be proud to own and give to others. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, and making/consuming all sorts of food.

Jan Williams, Secretary

Jan has been involved with Bull City Fair Trade since its founding at Watts Street Baptist Church.  Jan's professional career was focused on child abuse prevention and early childhood family development.  Her main travel interest these days is traveling to Germany to see her son who lives there.  In her spare time, you might find Jan walking her dog, studying German, or playing her banjo.

Peter Hanna

I was raised in Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  I am a proud first generation Egyptian-American.  My favorite travel destinations have been the islands of Greece and Alexandria, Egypt. What drew me to BCFT is my recent pledge to become more civically active in the Durham community.  BCFT epitomizes the diversity and beauty of Durham and I cannot think of a better cause.  I love to eat strange and unique foods and my hobbies include sports and duck hunting.

Mary Mathew

I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. I love to travel, especially internationally. India is one of my favorite places to visit because it's where my parents grew up. Also, because it's so colorful! I love how Bull City Fair Trade brings the rich culture and talents of people from around the world to Durham and supports their success. In my spare time, I enjoy being outdoors, creating art and growing plants in beautiful pots. 

Melissa Godwin

A native of Durham and a lover of uniquely beautiful things, Melissa has been connected with Bull City Fair Trade since its beginning days as a pop up shop at Watts Street Baptist Church, taking shifts at the cashbox in Room 102. After moving back to Durham as an adult and working as a preschool teacher, Melissa continued to support BCFT by stocking up on the Putumayo Kids Playground CDs for her all her preschool dance party needs. These days Melissa is all over Durham teaching yoga and movement classes for kids and adults and continues to support BCFT by buying all the earrings. All of them. If you got airline miles on your Country Club Discount Card, Melissa could take up permanent residency in India and live her best yoga in Elephant Pants lifestyle! Melissa is thrilled to be on the BCFT Board and excited to watch this beautiful little store continue to support local and global efforts to provide artisans with fair wages and help create sustainable livelihoods. One pair of funky earrings at a time!


Leta Loyd, Treasurer

 Paula Januzzi-Godfrey

 Steve Booth

 Rebeca Olmedo