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Help us sponsor This ugandan girl…

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re rallying behind one of our artisan partners, The Mighty River Project, to sponsor a girl for a year. Your one-time donation will be added to donations from staff, volunteers, and customers. Will you join us by donating to empower Immaculate?

She is 9 years old and is being raised by her grandmother in a household with her aunt, three siblings, and seven cousins. Her mom and grandmother are two of the newest The Mighty River Project basket artisans. Their basic needs are provided for through their grandmother’s salary with TMRP, and their medical care is also subsidized through the program. $30 monthly sponsorship pays for annual school tuition, new uniform, and pair of school shoes and socks each year. This financial commitment is life-changing for these kids, but equally valuable is the opportunity to develop a relationship between sponsor and student, creating a sense of kinship and encouragement that enriches a child’s spirit as well as her intellect.

We’ll share letters, pictures, drawings, and more from Immaculate as she grows and learns. Watch an empowered girl transform into a mighty woman.

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