Support our Mission - Become a fair trade friend

Bull City Fair Trade began 27 years ago when a local group of citizens cared enough to create hope and opportunity for artisans in the developing world.  Those pioneers planted a seed that has grown into a thriving community-based nonprofit, fair trade store. Every year, Bull City Fair Trade empowers thousands of families across the globe.

Who is a Fair Trade Friend?  You are committed to ongoing support for the life-changing opportunities created by fair trade jobs.  As a long-term sustainer, you are strengthening that commitment with regularly scheduled donations that magnify our impact.

Why be a Fair Trade Friend?  These ongoing gifts reduce costs and allow Bull City Fair Trade to direct more resources to artisan communities.  As a Fair Trade Friend, you are investing in a brighter future for the impoverished, a vibrant program for our community of local volunteers and fair wages for our staff via the Durham Living Wage Project.

Fair Trade Friend Benefits (for all donor levels):

  • Good vibes every day knowing you’re spreading hope across the globe

  • FREE Hand-painted, custom made Bull City magnet

  • Exclusive holiday shopping sneak peek & reception


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