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Thank you for your interest in partnering with Bull City Fair Trade for a Shop & Share event.  We value the work you are doing in the community and look forward to engaging supporters to benefit both fair trade artisans around the globe and our mutually aligned missions.  Please review the terms of this agreement and submit the form below at least 10 days prior to your event.  

Terms of agreement for a successful event:

  • 10% of sales on the day of the event will be shared with partner organization.  All sales from opening to closing hours will be counted unless otherwise indicated with a designated time frame.  Minimum proceeds will be $100. A check for proceeds due will be mailed payable to the partner organization at the address provided within 15 days of the event.

  • Bull City Fair Trade will help promote the event by providing a marketing flyer and creating social media posts that can be shared.  Promotions may also be included in Bull City Fair Trade’s e-newsletter and posted in store.

  • The partnering organization will encourage participation from supporters by sharing the event details and promotional materials via email, social media and other appropriate channels.

  • Representatives from your organization are encouraged to be on-site if not for the entire event then at least for the 2-3 peak hours of the day to share information with shoppers.  Alternatively, Bull City Fair Trade staff and volunteers can share provided information about your programs.

  • Please note our Shop & Share events are generally scheduled on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  Hours are usually extended until 7pm to allow for late shopping.  Only select exceptions will be scheduled for weekends and/or holiday season.

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