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Bull City Fair Trade is a nonprofit, fair trade store committed to supporting artisan crafts produced under fair trade principles and ethically traded. We recognize that not every vendor is fair trade certified or a member of a fair trade association, so this form helps to ensure the integrity of products represented to our customers.  Please complete the following application for consideration as a wholesale partner.

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Representative Name
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SECTION TWO - Supplementary Information for Non-certified Vendors
If you are a member of the Fair Trade Federation, World Fair Trade Organization or other monitoring association, you may provide any details you want to share with us in this optional section. For non-certified groups, please provide ALL of the following information.
(recycling, up-cycling, non-hazardous materials, natural ingredients, sustainable sourcing)
Thank you! We look forward to reviewing your information and possibly connecting our community with your artisan partners. Please allow 2 weeks for consideration.